Pebble 2: a New Smart Watch

The wearables world is increasingly more focused to the world of sport and the health and for this reason, Pebble has launched a new intelligent clock with built-in heart rate sensor It provides a strong competition to the existing ones.

It is of the Pebble 2, a clock with wireless connectivity via Bluetooth LE and MIC for voice messages that also includes heart rate sensor and other specific functionality for the sporting world.

Resistance and functionality for training

Plastic finish and water resistant This brand new watch Pebble which is available in five different colors and monochrome ink can be of great help for our training.

Mode sleep Pebble 2 will evaluate our heart rate every 10 minutes, but in mode training will steadily while at the same time other variables of our activity monitor.

It will also evaluate our nocturnal sleep and we can use it in swimming, since it is water-resistant to 30 meters depth.

Another feature in favor of this new smartwatch is its autonomy, because it boasts up to 7 days without that need charging our smart watch to accompany this us everywhere.

This new smart look simple but very functional Watch has, in addition, other competitive feature: the price of only $99 on WatchTutorials, which is certainly very appealing.