Parka: The Casual Must-Have

Already some time ago I have reported the Must-Haves for this autumn/winter and also the Parka. Since I finally fulfilled the wish of a Parka, in the form of an olive-colored parka from SUIT, I would like to take this again as an occasion and report on the Parka trend.


Mainly responsible for the hype surrounding the Parka is, of course, the military style. The Parka is one of the most important elements, with work boots and shoulder flaps. But the military style was further carried by many labels and so came Parka in different colors, cuts and forms into the stores, which had not quite so strongly the filthy taste of “Bundeswehr” had.

And exactly these new interpretations of a Parka have met the zeitgeist of fashion and the wishes of the customers, and have become an absolute must-have.

The Winter Parka

Now, of course, many, even partially, think that the Parka is not a real alternative for the winter. But it is not true. Not only is the Parka happy 1-2 times too big to make a really casual look, it is also perfect for the onion tray principle. But there are actually parka, which are absolutely winter-ready. These are then liked from a somewhat thicker fabric and lambskin (imitation) fed.

So also my new Parka from SUIT. I will certainly make an “outfit of the day” to start with next week, so you can get a picture of it.

My Favorite Parka

First of all, of course, I will call my new Parka, which looks much better in “real” than in the picture. But this is almost typical for SUIT. Slowly I am starting to love this brand really!

Vital Parka From SUIT

A more favorable version of the Parka, of course, is, of course, a bit thinner and not necessarily winter-proof, but as a jacket is certainly an option. This model by ASOS is not only beautiful classic in black, but also the price is unbeatable. Black parka By ASOS

This model by Minimum is a classic blue and leather patches on shoulders and sleeves, and is quite successful, a bridge from the casual to the more elegant look.  Blue parka of MINIMUM

This parka, also from SUIT, is really really cuddly. The padded, high collar, the double button closure and zip closure and the thick lining make this parka a real winter jacket! Woven parka By SUIT

I am very happy with my purchase, because I think the Parka is almost indispensable. Of course, a proper winter jacket is not always cheap, but this is my Christmas present to myself!
A little anecdote to SUIT: I was standing at the subway station the other day and I’ve seen a pretty well dressed guy from a distancewearing a  really cool parka in red. I was a bit envious, and maybe that’s why he came up to me and asked me about the way. After I had helped him, I asked what brand the parka was… of course SUIT!