Paris Capitale of Creation

This weekend, the fashion world was given appointment door of Versailles for a multitude of shows reserved for professionals of fashion and gathered under the suggestive title: “Paris Capitale de la création. Linda shares all his favorites with you…

They’re called Who’s Next, Midec or brilliance of fashion, they gather thousands of exhibitors, talent or experienced creators and attract thousands of buyers from around the world. Twice a year, takes place in Paris Expo one of the most emblematic appointments of the fashion, showcase of what is happening in fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes and lingerie for today and for tomorrow. We’re going to feel the trends, find the brand goes up and marvel at these creations…

Impossible to all present, after hours market, 6 visited salons and several kilos of readings collected, I go home washed-up but hearts full head shots. Here is what should (in my opinion) especially not be missed:

No need to introduce the famous district of Tokyo whose wacky universe is transported twice a year, time for a weekend, at the Paris ready-to-wear salon. It is space mode of 15-25 years, and this season the atmosphere was at the party, strongly boosted by the high-profile presence of a troupe of Japanese cyberpunk to the peak of the hype,Tokyo Decadance.

Impossible to miss these Asian creators to Gothic-eccentric inspirations and whose world is straight out of the manga. For the connoisseurs (and the curious), include the following brands:

  • Succubus and her corsets at the limit of the fetish.
  • Mogra who is inspired by the traditional Japanese imagery for a range of sex toys!
  • Takuya Angel or an explosion of colors for a style decidedly offbeat and delightfully crazy.
  • Nibroll About Street which offers a conceptual mode created by the designer Mitsushi Yanaihara.
  • Warita and accessories coming from elsewhere that let’s already at (the very trendy) Maria Luisa!

Also, note a new French brand specializing in the import of clothing and accessories made in Japan. Capsule Tokyo, with online store is it you please and the opportunity for young designers to put their products on sale!

Young Japanese Illustrator, Ena was chosen by the brilliance of fashion show, to refresh his image. Successful gamble with this artist to the pencil soft and light shot who was able to give a face full of grace and sensuality at the specialist jewellery show. At the age of 26, Ena is Illustrator within the Agency “Digmeout Factory” and has worked with many artists including creating novels covers, CD covers… She even made a series of drawings for the fall/winter 2005-2006 in the House of Chanel collection! ENA, a name to remember!

Atmosphere “neo-boudoir” at the brand Lolita Pompadour and his designer, Virginie Epron. It is no coincidence if the “designer of the year 2007” prize was awarded to him and she was awarded 6 times a fashion star… His secret? Mix with taste two female ultra universe: ‘lolita’ young, colorful and fun, and the ‘pompadour’ refined, seductress, sometimes even a bit fetishistic.

An alchemy that works since in 2003, Chantal Thomass chooses to accessorize her fashion show with necklaces and bracelets Lolita Pompadour and soon, she sells jewelry in shops in Paris and Moscow. A success story that is explained by bold collections, made of lace, Ribbon, leather, beads, cameos and Rhinestones, and a sometimes naughty theme or gourmet, in short cute and mesmerizing. A concentrate of femininity and a real creativity!

On the occasion of the show Who’s Next, concentrate of trends, I met one of the winners of the FAST contest that rewards young talent by giving them the opportunity to present for free. A boon for these small brands to which we wish to become the big tomorrow…

Her name is Amelia, is 25 years old, is of Norman origin and Sweet Dynamite, his brand of accessories, jewelry and shoes (soon!) made a splash at the show. For, she agreed to come back on his career: “I started with a school of design but it was not going very well, so I chose to abandon in the second year. With a friend, we created a brand of clothes, Dzzydoll, then a bit later, I started only in Sweet Dynamite. I started to let me know thanks to tattoo conventions where I exposed my creations. Quickly I got good feedback, and the first orders arrived. Today Sweet Dynamite has a year and a half and sells in Paris, in the province but also in London, Geneva or Antwerp. My wish is to develop the brand, make it more accessible and launch this summer a line of shoes which I expose the prototypes today! ».

His creations are inspired by manga and rock, a fun, childish, naïve, colorful universe where death’s heads, nice dinosaurs, cute ghosts and babas in rum seem to cohabit in the greatest friendship. Bags in hand, pins, necklaces, headbands, bracelets… Amélie creations are an invitation to the gentle madness, a journey in childhood not without humor and super refreshing! More info on the site official Our site.

Marine honey was born with a disability by hand but very quickly, his father refuses the fatality and offers him a piano. Therefore, it will cease to engage in hands-on activities. Sewing part naturally and after his classes at Corinne Cobson, she started one and creates 24, its own brand «Suzon & Lena»

Made in France, with a natural wool, and according to a manufacturing process respecting the environment, the brand offers mesh pieces that sublimate the silhouettes as an ode to the woman and her voluptuous curves. Marked size, chest stressed, shoulders and hips well drawn: inspired by the time Empire and American pinup, the first collection Suzon & Lena is all that there is more feminine, sexy just what it takes and beautifully retro. And for the record, each piece is signed by a Bell… If, with this, it has not won the lottery?

Lazy Oaf was created in 2001 by the Illustrator Gemma Shiel. This last, highly invested in the scene ‘arty street’ London, draws its inspiration from ‘books of fantasies, bad sci-fi movies, bus stops and especially cakes and cookies. Program: rain of stars, lights of fireworks, mushrooms, sweets and cherries. A whole universe of childhood, ultra fresh, smiling and not cheesy so far who was present at the show Who’s Next… Finally, it was time!