Parents’ Mobile Use Can Make Children Lonely

For example, parents’ mobile use on the playground can be a contributing factor to that kids will be lonely.

Your mobile use can be a contributing factor to that your child will be lonely, for example, on the playground. You just sit and look down in the smart phone while you’re on the playground with your child so that your child can feel lonely.

Often so talked about, that we must set limits on how much time children have to spend now on computer and tv. But you forget the parents ‘ computer habits-these one should look at.

While the kids play on the playground, so it is not a rare sight to see one or both parents sit on the edge of the sandbox, right next to their child/children, but have more scrambling to send text messages, read messages, check Facebook, play games or anything by everything else one can on a smartphone. Overall, while the child says; -“Dad, look what I can” or “Mother, look like me”.

-“I think it is rude towards the child, and I can only recommend that packages the rubbishy goods away,” says child psychologist Margaret Brown H to our site.

-“When you are together with your child, so one must be present. Not just with his body, but also with his eyes, “she continues.

When you communicate with children, so the perception of the whole picture, both words, body language and the eyes. Children perceive indeed only words, as approximately one third of communication – that is why body language and eye contact are also extremely important. That is why the communication also very closed, whose father or mother is buried in an SMS Exchange.

-“Imagine if it was yourself who stood and spoke with a person who is only focused on his phone. You would then say: “I don’t bother”, and then you would go away. But the children can not. Instead, as the higher and higher screams: “watch me, watch me”. And one thing is certain, the kids who scream that is the children who will never be seen, “says child psychologist.

The result can be that the child is going to feel lonely, since it will perceive it as a rejection, that parents don’t pay attention.

Good advice can therefore be, to let your phone be your home while you’re on the playground or similar.