Pantone Colors Spring Summer 2016

Now we are already in March, winter is approaching and soon finally will begin spring days, where the “color” theme will be on the agenda. But what are the colors to wear to be fashionable? Pantone, the US company that deals with technologies for graphics and cataloging of colors, has unveiled what will be the fashion colors for Spring Summer 2016. The shades chosen, that then were seen primarily on high fashion runways and in all the new spring collections, are all over 10, very romantic, pastel palette inspired by the colors of nature, like the blue sky, the green of the gardens, the yellow of the sun, passing through a fishing until you get to a red sunset.
So here in detail all of the official Pantone color for fashion Spring Summer 2016:

1) Rose Quartz

One of the main colors of the coming season, a shade persuasive, but delicate, which expresses a sense of tranquility and romance, bringing to mind the spring and summer months in their shade more subdued and elegant. If you have no idea how to match it, take a look at this article !

2) Azzurro Serenity

And ‘the second hue along with rose quartz to have been elected by Pantone for 2016. A particular shade of blue between blue and light blue, relaxing, light and airy, just as the sky, and that inspires serenity, just as its name! It fits with rose quartz, red or neutral colors such as beige, black or white.

3) Lilac Gray

E ‘need to enter in the palette of colors even in neutral tones and Pantone has chosen for this 2016 Lilac Grey, essentially a basic shades of lilac and gray, combined with black, bright blue or lilac same.

4) Snorkel Blue

A beautiful shade of blue, and intense, reminiscent, as the name suggests, Snorkel Blue, beach holidays and the nuances created by the wonderful seabed. It combines easily to black, to white, to yellow or seafaring fantasies.

5) Limpet Shel

A beautiful light shade, clean and well defined between the blue and green water, able to evoke tranquility and feel like summer. Pair it with a head like a denim jeans or jacket.

6) Buttercup

The Buttercup, which in Italian means “Buttercup”, is a thriller of a perfect shade for hot summer days. This tone is a variant switched to softer colors, a solar color that conveys happiness. Pair it with white or garments with floral patterns.

7) Green Flash

Green Flash is a brilliant green that invites the wearer to dare, to play with the other colors of the palette. Very reminiscent of the colors of nature and goes well both in basic tones, which in brighter colors, especially if you wear it in town.

8) Iced Coffee

Another color that, together with the aforementioned Lilac Grey, is part of the basic colors chosen by Pantone for this year 2016. Iced Coffee, or “Iced Coffee”, is an extremely portable neutral tones and combined with the rest of the range of colors of this season, but that will accompany us especially in the autumn.

9) Peach Echo

A mix between orange and peach, which together form this beautiful spring color very similar to coral. A very special variant that radiates warmth and accessibility: in fact, it really is very portable and can be combined with other more or less intense color.

10) Party

The red Fiesta is the 10th and final Pantone color of 2016, which expresses passion and vitality.This so warm and bright tone encourages to dare, to explore new boundaries, providing a sharp contrast with the calm and the softer nature of the rest of the colors of this season.