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LG OLED TVs Reviews

LG Electronics enters its OLED campaign launched in autumn its product logo on the shirts of the club Bayer 04 , whose main sponsor LG since 2013 is. Instead of using the usual logo from LG will wear the Werkself now OLED-logo of the company on the chest to support the 360-degree campaign. Learn more […]

Abducted by Apples
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Abducted by Apples

Stockholm syndrome in iPhone fans In the face of the differences in the CyberBloc here, I’ve been thinking for a while, if I am on this topic today, but I was just too funny. As reported by the Heise-Verlag with reference to astudy by the company Strand consult, iPhone fans have something like the Stockholm syndrome. After the consultant company had published their first study […]

Effective Security Alarm
Security Sensors & Alarms

Effective and Simple Security Alarm

Here is a very effective and simple alarm. The compact cabinet contains both a motion sensor and a very powerful siren with volume at 130 dB. Motion sensor has a range of 6 meters. The alarm is very easy to use and install the hurigt without cables the PGA. Battery operation of both security alarm […]

Outdoor Bags and Packs

Cool Outdoor Bags and Packs

Keep order, overview of preserve and protect the equipment from dust, dirt, moisture: this is the profession of bags & packs! Pack bag (waterproof) up to the duffel bag, from the shoe bag up to the compression bag all the equipment on the canoe/ trekking/climbing the makes sense to divide and protect can be found […]

Grey Bomber Jacket

Grey Bomber Jacket Outfit

Autumn comes, whether we like it or not. Sure, it may perhaps take a few days and weeks, but it will come. And then you should be prepared. It does not have the thick knit sweater be but a reasonable transition jacket should already then. In terms of appearance should convince them. The New Look Bomber Jacket-mid gray I might as exactly who you […]

Makeup and Nails

Trends for a Spring Manicure

For this spring and summer 2014, several are manicure trends that can be seen, so you can show your feet and hands; know which are the following. Multicolored Manicure:multicolor manicure is a striking way to match the colors on your nails, especially with your clothes, where you can choose from a wide range of colors, […]

Cell Phones

Htc One A9 Officially Unveiled

As early as summer, it was clear that HTC would like to wait this year with a new smartphone, before it goes 2016 to the next big flagship. On Tuesday evening, the previously known as “Project Aero” smartphone was finally presented and was allowed to listen to terms like “iPhone clone” and other comparisons. HTC itself designates its new […]

Women's Plus Size Winter Jackets

Women’s Plus Size Winter Jackets

These days blowing us an icy wind around the nose. Eagerly we might have expected the first snowflakes. As a transitional jacket is no longer enough. Time for winter jackets in Plus Size. Warm. Stylish. Attractive for curvy women. From A to S Azure Mustard Yellow Tiefschwarz, rust red and azure – these are just some of the trendy colors of […]

What does GSM Refer to
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What does GSM Refer to

G-standard GSM. Network for mobile communications second generation 2G standard GSM. 2G started in 1991 with a speed of data transmission of 9.6 kbit / s. In 1999, the GSM standard to be embedded and standard GPRS (considered intermediate pokolenie- 2.5G), which provides mobile Internet with higher speeds.