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WhatsApp Can Already Draw and Add Stickers to Photos: How It Works

It was an open secret that WhatsApp going to let draw on photos before sending them in a similar manner to as does Facebook Messenger or Snapchat. Bridging the gap, the feature is now available for those who are signed up to the WhatsApp beta, in the 2.16.263 version, and probably does not take much to be available for all.

So far, when you enviabas a photo in just WhatsApp you had the option to cut out it. Now, add the possibility to add a selection of stickers or emojis, text on the image and Scribble hands.

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Practical Test: Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 Practical Test: Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8

Sony Ericsson presents an Android Smartphone at an attractive price, that visually makes a lot here thanks to fashionable cover and change covers.

Sony Ericsson continuously expands its Android-based Xperia series. The latest model is the X 8 for cheap 219 euros, the is of the dimensions between the X 10 and X 10 mini files.

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LINE Adds Profile Videos, Animated GIF, Calls to Free, Events and More

LINE was a bit quiet these last few months and now we know why: were cooking one of the biggest updates for your messaging application, which comes to the version 6.6.0 loaded with new Android.

The new version includes animated profile pictures (i.e. videos), free calls phones instead of seeing advertising, send video of up to Five minutes duration, redesign of the biography, sending and receiving of Animated GIF in chats and a new feature events.

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Practical Test: Simvalley XT-520 Sun

Pearl offers an outdoor mobile with stoically for 70 euros.

The Simvalley XT-520 Sun is certified according to IP 65 standard, protected against the ingress of dust and withstands a jet of water. With the enclosed rubber cover, which also gives grip the XT-520, the cell phone to survive falls from a height of two metres.

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WhatsApp Needs to Be Clarified and Stop Being Afraid

Before you start the article, I’d like to clarify the use of the verb “to need”. Technically, WhatsApp does not need anything, it is one of the most successful messaging applications of all time and an honorary member of the “club of the billion facilities”. Be understood as a recommendation that can share, or not.

Now, it is also true that WhatsApp lives, and much of the income. Heading has not gone them bad and now, six years later, still continues. Everything in this life is suffering erosion of time but WhatsApp is no exception.

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Octave V Power Amplifier 40 SE

Octave improved 12/02 only 40 SE (4100 euros) the legendary V 40 from folder with the V, or control the Badener new spheres of sound?

  1. Octave V power amplifier 40 SE
  2. stereoplay interview with Andreas Hofmann
  3. Data sheet

Normal way tends the octave-chef Andreas Hofmann on Ernst and restraint. But with the passing of the V 40 SE but a proud smile face scurried the Karlovy Vary. And he admits: “It even surprised me, what I still could tease out the actually minimalist concept of the V 40.”

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12 Hangouts Is The Spitting Image of That Google Even It Already Tries

Let us review the recent history of Hangouts, for now the main Google Messaging application and integrated into nearly any Android device and the web version of Gmail and Google +. Hangouts 7 included responses from notifications, Hangouts 8 improved notifications, Hangouts 9 does not exist, Hangouts 10 introduced support for Direct Sharing, and Hangouts 11 included the sending of video clips.

Now, between that we expect the imminent arrival of Google Allo and after the announcement that Hangouts redirecting more to the business public, We have the latest update do more? application: 12 Hangouts. What does again? Any revolutionary option? A redesign in the interface? Better performance? Well, maybe not, basically the only thing that is new is the possibility of send shruggies. 

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Practical Test: Emporia Solid

The emporia solid is aimed at active people who are looking for an uncomplicated phone with stoically.

Who operates in wind and weather out there, who like to bike or ski runs, for a slightly more robust mobile phone could be the right choice. Also in the garden and workshops a mobile phone with stoically is in demand. Exactly this is the model of Emporia solid thought. It is virtually indestructible, comes in a twelve screwed housing and surely lies in the hand thanks to a rubberized frame.

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Google Allo and Privacy, as Well Are The Incognito Mode and Messages That Will Self-Destruct

Many were the news announced during the last edition of the Google I/O Conference and including surprised us with two new apps for messaging and communication. On the one hand we have Google Duo, a service of video calling which simplifies to the maximum the experience and that was released just a few days.

Google Allo It was the second announced app and, though at the moment still does not release date, the arrival of Google Duo could indicate that it is falling. While we wait, Android Police have tested the app and we can already take a look at will the incognito mode in Google Allo be like.

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iPod Docking Station Edifier Esiena If360

If the music from the iPod, from the built-in drive, or via USB-stick came: the Edifier Esiena if360 (350 euros) sounded powerful and sovereign

  1. iPod docking station Edifier Esiena if360
  2. Data sheet


The Edifier comes from a manufacturer from Beijing since the mid of the nineties devices in-house developed and distributes on the domestic market. But now the Chinese make up to fill the rest of the world with their products. The name of excellently processed Esiena if360 recalls it sure purely random discreetly that the Ferrari vendors from Maranello.

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