Overview: All about the New iPhones-iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c

Earlier this week Apple has presented two new iPhones, we have compiled an overview of them here.

Apple presented Tuesday evening, Danish time, two new iPhones, which is also rumored stock market had predicted. It turned into “cheap-model” iPhone 5 c, which is available in five different colors. iPhone 5 c is a iPhone 5, which is now packaged in plastic.

The new “top model” from Apple got the name iPhone 5S and is an upgrade of the current iPhone 5. It comes in the colors gold, silver and gray space. The design is like the iPhone 5 and one of the most innovative things in iPhone 5S is that it comes with a fingerprint reader, which among other things will help to enhance security – both when it comes to theft of the phone, as well as the purchase of music, applications, etc. in the iTunes Store.

In addition to fingerprint reader, so there is also a little changes in the camera on iPhone 5S.

The presentation of the two new iPhones were not streamed, as many had expected they would do otherwise, since Apple has posted their latest events live. Ceo Tim Cook out later that the reason for the event had not been sent live was because it was held in the Town Hall in Cupertino, which is a small place.

The approximately 90-minute-long presentation, however, is available now and can be seen on Apple’s website.

“Cheap-the iPhone” iPhone 5 c is not as cheap as we expected it would be and there have been many writings about this. It was expected that iPhone 5 c should be a cheap model to emerging markets.

The TDC-customers who have the iPhone 5 can’t use 4 g because the phone doesn’t support the spectrum, as TDC uses for 4 g. But with the iPhone 5 and 5S would both 2600 MHz and 800 MHz be supported, which therefore makes the TDC customers get 4 g with the new iPhones.

Apple has not yet reported the Danish prices or date for the launch, but it is expected that the framework of the Danish stores on the 18th. October and the prices will be approximately 3,699 dollars for iPhone 5 c 16 GB, while the iPhone 5S in 16 GB will probably be priced at approximately 5,300 dollars without subscription.

After the presentation has the disappointment over the products proved both with mobile experts and Exchange, where the price fell. Also mobile expert John g. was disappointed, although he did not have any doubts about it enough to be a success for Apple. He thinks, among other things, that Apple is selling out of their brand because they now come with a “cheap-model”, even though it is not so cheap even.

When the official Danish dates and prices come from Apple of remains to be seen.