Outdoor Accessories for Children

Multifunctional Compass with Flashlight Whistle Thermometer Magnifier

Nothing is more exciting than a night hike with the own flashlight for children. And with a small headlamp, you can read exciting stories beneath a bed or with a cup magnifying glass observe insects. In this section, you will find lots of great ideas for children.

Cup magnifier and children bottle on expedition in the garden:

For small explorers, we offer also a cup magnifying glass in this section. With a cup magnifying glass can they all wait on a spider count and just look at the mandibles of an ant. Simply open the lid of the cup magnifier magnifying glass, and then watch the insect of the election. Later, one should not forget of course the release.

And of course durst is much. The small bottle of children there are in different colors and sizes. The kid’s bottle is dishwasher safe of course and fits well laterally on the satchel.

Cute Dinosaur LED Flashlight with Key Chain 1 Bead White Light Jacinth Plastic

Carving with a knife of children

We have of course also the matching children blade with rounded tip to carving sticks. But caution: the blades of the children knives are very sharp all, because otherwise a children knife will not work! If your child is for the first time carving, Papa or Mama should accompany the whole. Children have the knack with the children knives quickly out and carve a lot fun.

In addition we offer everything for the paddling, snorkeling, and climbing for children in this category. So have a look inside and get inspired.