Our Site Go Live 1000 in the Short Test

Connect has 1000 unpacked the brand new Our site go live and glued to the car window. This Navi is fun!

The Our site Go Live 1000 is one of the first navigation systems on the market with a capacitive display. So far, took advantage and use Navis still resistive touch screens. A slight pressure against the surface is necessary to trigger a response – getting used to for many. Through the layers that exist for resistive touch screens, can light unfavourable to break and the display with high brightness be less readable. And the most resistive touchscreens create only a limited resolution, what the graphic often coarse and frumpy appearance.

The Super display

It is about the past now. The 4.3-inch display of the our site dissolves well with 480 x 272 pixels. Stung by that one might suspect even higher resolution presentation and high contrast. To operate a light touch enough with the finger, as known by current smartphones. This makes the operation much easier and even fun.

The main menu is extremely open and has only a few points. The submenus are not always self-explanatory and sometimes must you before moving himself through the settings screen for screen, instead to check off a list.

Route selection

The choice of routes is our site-like top and also the voice prompts (text to speech) are produced by the timing and extent of class. On the road had the tester out and again the impression that the Navi missed departure somewhat to stubbornly wanted back on the old route, rather than choosing a meaningful new.

When choosing a route the our site includes go live 1000 the current time and date, what you confirm at each destination entry / must enter. IQ routes historical traffic data used to calculate the optimal route tageszeit – and weekday-dependent. Thanks to HD traffic, one is dealt with also congestion on highways and in cities or they will be included in the route calculation. Really super!

Small blemish

Through these functions, you can see: the Navi is suitable not only for long distances, but also for commuters. There, it is surprising that the device visually and acoustically indicates parking nearby. Commuters who know the route or area, will find that probably as annoying. We have not found an option to turn off the menu.

The lane is also still not a hundred percent perfect. In downtown Stuttgart, he has even sealed to a track, where none was, show no traces of even for a seven-lane road. Outside such an error, the Our site Wizard is a real help in road traffic.

Speech input

Go live 1000, you can control the Our site either with the fingers or by language. Entering a target calls but out and again patience. The Our site recognize city names just fine. Only at street names is lacking something. Also a change of the test person and serious efforts for a clear debate brought no real improvement in the test. It helped away from the keyboard. A software update will fix it.

Live services

Properly collect points could the our site via the Live services that are unparalleled in terms of performance. Can be present with all infos traffic alerts and weather report is read by a pleasant voice. Furthermore, one finds speed cameras in Live services and also local search via Google. The latter is although super handy, because you can search virtually for every term. However, it takes a little until the result is determined. For that, you get displayed not only the coordinates, but also reviews the location, phone numbers and more detailed information. Is a phone via Bluetooth with the Our site Go Live 1000 connected, you can call the POIs directly by finger.

You see what the Pack contains everything and such as the Our site Go Live 1000 road behaves in the videos below.