Our site Car Kit for iPhone

For 99 euros, our site makes a GPS units – from the iPod touch and the iPhone a car phone.

The our site car kit for $99 is not just iPhone hands-free kit and GPS receiver, an extra version also iPod touch devices helps navigation skills. The mount is very narrow and elegant fancy and new iPhone 4 is suitable for all iPhones – for a small adapter behind the dock connector must be glued, so that the system is activated.

Flexible holder

Above all the other integration at convinced full flexibility: the mount consists of a piece, the suction cup can folds almost flat on the round speaker enclosures. Nevertheless, the holder can be moved up and down, also the rotation with fine screening is possible – and there is even a ball joint on the suction cup. Disadvantage: If you press the home button, for example, the bracket recedes depending on the pressure strength back. Right side are still connections for the charging cable and an audio output, on the other hand, a slightly too small troubled volume rocker is attached.

Good handling

Placing and removing the iPhone work well, even if there are no guides or similar. The car kit automatically activated when inserting and you can immediately start the Bluetooth connection. Also the GPS connection starts automatically if the our site navigation app is installed. Wants to use the improved GPS reception with other apps, you must download before free the our site car kit app from the app store. This is urgent advisable, the kit vastly improves the quality of the GPS.

During a telephone conversation the device dispenses with additional functions such as an extra button, there’s not even a connector for an external microphone. The audio quality was neat, pleasantly noisy in the fixed network, but somewhat distorted, also disrupted sporadic interruptions. In the car, the our site sounded also neatly with noise and slightly coarse sound, but sufficient according to. Who wants to navigate mainly and to make phone calls, the exactly wrong when the our site Kit.