Our Site App

The our site app is characterized by simple operation, optimum routes and the best traffic information.

The our site app depending on country version between 40 and 70 euro and draws today the screen design of the future plug-ins &-play Navis from same company ahead. For an additional fee, there is here also the award-winning traffic service HD traffic, the iPhone owner at 1.59 euros per day, €6 per month or 30 euros per year, can book.

Sure the yearly subscription not worth for every user, but because the traffic reports also ranging in many inner cities, you can’t just the day package at major rides good certain book, because these slowdowns are certainly the best, which are currently.

Pragmatic, practical, very good

An another trump card in our site you’re IQ routes that basing the route calculation the actual road conditions and propose as well as always the best route. This works really as good as ever, so that the route option added in the latest versions as rather somewhat obsolete acts eco route.

The our site program is somewhat more in the menu and relies on many standard elements, which largely supports the functionality – Our site is the easiest tool in the test despite long click paths. The implementation of new iPhone features succeeded also here: offers the program even via popup message when an incoming call from the phone screen again to navigate across to activate – when the other apps you must do so manually.

The graphics impressed can but not quite cover thanks to many luminous effects in the traffic reports, that the map display fine drawing might have something. The guidance leads the way with the unfamiliar male voice, precision and speed will benefit from the faster iPhone processor and the better GPS chip like the other systems. Mainly thanks to the traffic reports – our site is top.