Original Wall Clocks

I was watching the reform of a House, one of these houses that are purchased in a State of advanced deterioration and which become houses of design with furniture and details to the last and what most caught my attention was this curious clocks of wall, wall clock actually are the Central hands, which each can be attached in each of the twelve points that mark each time the item you want to.

Has seemed curious that made each of those twelve points, many others clocks on Educationvv. In addition the alarm clock style retro, creates an interesting contrast with the rest of the decoration that is at all times very modern, the color chosen for them the Green Pistachio, that combines perfectly with the chocolate brown for much of the furniture, in these watches can synchronize at all same time, put in different countries or not work in reality and they are only to decorate.

The conclusions which I extract are on the one hand the interesting thing about a great Watch to decorate installed directly in the Wall, i.e., without independent structure, on the other hand can be chosen other reasons to place where would be the numbers from one to twelve, but my watches also liked what me, it is true that my like to think of the passage of time there are people that overwhelms, for them this original clock will not be recommended.