OnePlus Will Fix Bugs Hit the Screen Once and For all

Major problems with the screen in OnePlus One has long plagued many owners. Now the company promises to correct the error once and for all.

Chinese OnePlus has for many months had to suffer a prolonged and recurring problem with many OnePlus One smartphones.

Despite having come with several software solutions, the company has not yet got to grips with the problem-much to the frustration of the owners, who must go through a lengthy repair.
The founder behind the company, Carl Pei, promising in a speech on the forum soon to rectify the error a last time in collaboration with Synaptics, which supplies drivers for the touch of the screen. You can therefore look forward to yet another software update in the near future, if you are struggling with the problem.

Speculation on various internet forums go, however, on whether there is a software error, or whether it is instead a hardware error, as the Chinese company trying to cover up in order to reduce the damage.

A long thread, for example, has shown that the source of the screen problems should be a monitor cable that is not insulated properly and, therefore, make periodic contact with the inner metal frame.

Other speculation is that the change in temperature-the hot days here-that creates problems for the hardware. Speculation is many, and still have good OnePlus to come up with an explanation of what creates the many problems with the screen.

Screen not responding and making mysterious gestures

The problem with the failed screen rooted in that it at times failing to detect a large amount of touches – sometimes more than others, which therefore makes it quite useless.

You may also find that the so-called “ghost touches”, doing so when it detects gestures and make swipe gestures in other places than where you actually hit. In short, it will be the screen unusable under certain conditions, but that account is not yet a definitive pattern for when problems arise.

About this time has broken OnePlus code for what is due to the problems, will soon become apparent when the expected software update lands. While you can see one of the many frustrated users display error appears on YouTube.