OnePlus One: Display Problems Apparently Solved

It seems now to OnePlus has managed to find a solution to the infamous video issues that many customers have experienced.

OnePlus has announced that once and for all will try to get the screen problems which a great many are experiencing, for life. OnePlus has on several occasions tried to correct the error, that is precisely why many have been extremely skeptical about the latest announcement.

Personally, I myself have a OnePlus One as I long have had major problems with, especially when the phone has been warm. I have tried with several different ROMs to get to grips with problems, and ended up concluding that the bug may be hardware related.

Now suggest it to my suspicion stands to shame, I’ve tested the latest ROM which was supposed to contain a fix for the screen, and I try me now with cautious optimism.

The nightly build from Cyanogen on 15-05-2015 had an update for the synaptics driver that controls the screen. I updated my phone with this version yesterday, and have all day yesterday not experienced some inappropriate conditions around the screen.

Also anywhere else on the net, there is optimism that track, it seems so immediately for that in this game is released at least some of the problems. Before I updated, I could reasonably consistently provoke the problem with the screen suddenly did not respond to input if I moved my finger across the phone’s keyboard, I can no longer.

I have neither seen ghost touches which I otherwise had also earlier, however, the frequency of this problem was not as big, so completely to conclude that it is gone, I can’t yet.

The nightly build is available for download on Cyanogens website here, and for all others who don’t bother messing with it, there is nothing else to do than to wait for that rolls a new update out to your devices in the near future-but wait to throw the phone in the trash.