Oneplus 3 With Dash Charge For Under 300 Euros?

The fact that the Chinese are always good for a surprise is certainly proven. Since OnePlus has appeared on the scene and OnePlus One has taught the big players of the industry the fear, the company now provides a welcome highlight every year. And since the first wave of the big flag ships has settled for 2016, the OnePlus 3 comes at the right time to prove itself again as the so-called “flagship killer”. Now the first technical details have come to light. A pricing framework is also planned.

Oneplus 3: Standard And Premium Model?

In its standard version, the OnePlus 3 as a processor will use the Snapdragon 820, which together with 4 gigabytes of memory should ensure a decent performance. As an internal memory you have 32 gigabytes available, which you can expand with a microSD. It is expected that the model will get a 5 inch display, which resolves with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in full-HD.

In addition to the standard version, the OnePlus 3 should also have a better-equipped version with a premium character. Here, even 6 gigabytes of RAM should support the Snapdragon 820. As an internal memory, this model is probably even 64 gigabytes in conversation. Also the display is to be somewhat larger with 5.5 inches, which could strengthen the impression of a premium variant still.

Oneplus 3: Special Charging Function?

Recently, a possible feature was also sighted in the context of an application for name assurance. For example, a document from the database of the patent office in the USA should include the term ” Dash Charge “. This name suggests that the charging of the battery should be done by a special technique. The accompanying logo underlines this assumption. Behind the label could conceal a specially developed fast-charging function or even wireless shop. The exact characteristics of the feature will not be revealed by the patent entry.

Oneplus 3: Possible Price And Release

The magazine GizmoChina reports from an anonymous source, the price for the OnePlus 3 in its standard variant to 1,999 yuan. That is about 270 euros. Whether it remains at this price for the German market, we can not say yet. For the OnePlus 2 stood at that time a similar price in the room, which was corrected however with 340 euro fast upward. We can probably assume that the OnePlus 3 will also move in this area. The presumed premium model will probably be clearly above this price.

According to current rumors, the OnePlus 3 is to be officially presented on May 28th. Whether the smartphone with its two variants in the free sale comes or whether it can only be purchased with an invitation is questionable. At the end of May, we probably know more.