Official: Xiaomi Sold 70 Million Smartphones in 2015

Xiaomi continues to accelerate in China and after presenting successful smartphone and a series of products also tied to home automation, home fitness, gets ready for a 2016 really promising. The goal to beat still is ambitious considering that in 2015 the company has managed to surpass the milestone of 70 million smartphones sold. The really important numbers and who do nothing but confirm the appreciation of the Chinese public to this brand.

Note that the data refer to the Asian market, the only one where the producer sells officially their devices. With a theoretical expansion at European and American, Xiaomi could double its market share but, at least for the time being, this possibility does not seem to affect the company which will remain linked to the Asian mainland. Check howsmb for vintage style smartphones.

Although the result is still very positive, the 70 million smartphones sold are less than the initial estimates that between 80 and 100 million predicted a device comporesa drank scissors. The absence of top range (the Mi 5 that will come after the middle of February) has certainly contributed to the failure of predictions. Compared to 2014 the growth there has been since Xiaomi has increased from 70 to 60 million units of 2015.