Offers of School Backpacks

At least once a year the exchange of school supplies should be done so that we can do all the activities properly as the teacher proposes in class and this exchange is essential mainly for children who do not take care of their materials so well.

And the essential and indispensable product for the list of school material is the backpack, which carries all the other elements that are necessary for daily use in schools, ie it is necessary to carry the notebooks, cases, books, among others, and distributes Weight properly to carry it wherever it goes. With their varied models most used and appropriate for children are those of casters because they will not have future spinal problems when carrying excessive weight on the back.

From a certain age this type of backpack is left aside and the most correct are backpacks of handles, very common among young and adults. The range of backpacks is immense due to the commerce that is growing more and more, they always vary color, model, material, size, to reach the desire of the consumer.
It is recommended when buying a backpack for a child to always be accompanied by the same, because children are not content with any product, especially when it comes to their super heroes, they will always want a model of the most famous dressing of the moment. Save money by researching the prices before you leave by opening your wallet in the first store that appears in front, the internet offers several stores with different prices to help you.

The school backpack offers for 2011 will now appear at the end of the year 2010, so it is good to not let this opportunity pass, as it can pay up to double what you would have paid by taking advantage of the offers in that period. Prices range from $ 30 to $ 250. It will depend on your taste and what you are looking for at the moment. Usually the backpacks of children with famous characters and with different details are the most expensive, and incredible as it may seem are the ones that children love the most according to

Other great options are the backpacks of casters, are a little more expensive for their manufacture and structure. If you want to save up to the maximum amount at the time of purchase look for the backpacks that are more in your child’s shoes and do not let them see more expensive. Show the children the cheapest models is a good choice for those who want to save money.

Kalunga offers great offers and varied products, and surely one of them will serve you financially and your child will be super happy. Just follow one of these tips below:

Backpack nylon 14 “2 partitions, with side pocket Baby Boop 1912 Xeryus Color Pink.
The model for girls is for only R $ 57,50.
For the Corinthians, Kalunga offers the 16 “nylon backpack with wheels, Corinthians 4321 Xeryus Cor Preta print.
The backpack is for $ 99.00. Price not to be missed.

The Xeryus brand also launched the São Paulina version for the tricolores.Mochila nylon 16”, with wheels São Paulo 4250 Xeryus Color Black.
Great offer, is for only $ 99.00.