NTT DoCoMo Eye Tracking Tablet

NTT DoCoMo is certainly one of the most cited foreign operators on our pages because it often is not limited to add Android devices in its catalog, but also enhances the user experience. We speak today of a tablet that does not command with a touchscreen, but with your eyes. Literally.

Hover gracefully in front of the Tablet and overcoming an initial configuration and personalization, we will be able to navigate between apps and homescreen using just our eyes:two sensors on the bottom (unusually thick) your tablet will indeed translate eye movement into that of a hypothetical on-screen pointer, allowing us the magic of remote control. Once again, literally.

In the top right tablet of the touch screen there is an option for the various app (a bit like in Windows), which for now seems the most laborious, but in case of any problems we can always use the good old finger on screen, that it’s still touch.

DoCoMo also showed a game always checked in this manner, along with a Photo Gallery, a web browser and an app for reading e-books, where the pages are flipped staring intently at the corresponding angle.

However, this is only a prototype without well defined commercial, at least for the moment, but we are curious to know what you think on the matter: tell us after video and pictures of the original Tablet.