Now Rogers Says That Yes He Updated His Dream and Magic

While we continue to debate one another presented yesterday is the phone of the century or a superphone we are witnessing another chapter of the comings and goings of the updates of the operating systems in the different “flavors” of Android.

I guess the concrete issue of the news left us far in that affect us since we are talking about a Canadian operator but continues to be symptomatic of what we have in this scenario. If until recently Rogers He claimed that he was not going to update their Dream y Magic now says that Yes will update them but with a message of itself but not that it is not all clear.

They say in a footnote that have reassessed the situation and that in the coming weeks will offer an update for the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic with some improvements including the interface Sense for Magic, but quickly passed to clarify that the version of the operating system will remain 1.5.

Mid year release the update to Android 2.1, included Sense for the Magic. It does not apply to the Dream citing “limitations” on the device. They come to clarify then that as things stand it is the best they can offer and that is not your problem but extends to other markets.

And if after these months do not we had noticed stresses finally that you do not compare with the “Google Experience” (and cite to the T-Mobile G-1) going another way since they use a “stock Android build” rather than a specific version as of the HTC Dream y Magic.

Complicated this picture of the updates and it seems risky to venture out with a phone that is not “Google Experience”. The enemy at home?