Nokia X 6 32 GB

The multimedia-blockbuster X 6 32 GB Nokia could dominate in the connect test with strong musical abilities including a one-year music Flatrate. How to beat the Finnish Smartphone in everyday life and whether it is a real alternative to the established sizes, clarifies the duration test.

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The X 6 32 GB, Nokia’s first Smartphone with capacitive – so-touch-sensitive – touch screen, was first presented at the Nokia World 2009 in Stuttgart. There’s aroused equally great interest among trade visitors with its eye-catching design.

But not only visually the Smartphone available in two colour variants comes to, but above all because of his blazing facilities including the one-year music Flatrate “comes with music” for the Nokia music store. The S60 model offers but numerous comfort and even more multimedia features, as already the connect Test could confirm. Only the renunciation of a removable memory slot caused some criticism back then as it is today.

Cheap and varied

The current price is as usual now significantly below the former price recommended by 579 euros, and so the X 6 is to have 32 GB in several online shops for less than 400 euros. That is still too much, the slimmed-down versions of choice are now in terms of memory: the X 6 16 GB and the X 6 8 GB. Both are available and much cheaper than the big brother on the Internet for about 250 euros.

For this, but also the good sounding and comfortable on-ear headset WH-500 is missing the duo, and also on the one-year music flat rate of the X 6 32 GB have to give the buyer.

It is worth to calculate is: If you buy lots of music, can enter play the extra charge for the top model thanks to the saved download costs quickly. Because for “comes with music” can you download everything from Nokia’s music store without limit, what you like, and the song twelve months keep even after on his computer and his Smartphone. A genuine added value!

Front hui, rear Pooh

The processing of both the available duration test models let air, however, still clearly upwards. Somehow it seems that Nokia does this subject not quite serious, because up on the E-series models of the Finns are almost all other S60 Smartphones and cellphones with processing and material weaknesses. So the X 6. While properly turns on the front of the Finns, the crackly and awkward projecting battery cover amazing feel. Specifically, the height of 15 mm, disturb the rather voluminous dimensions, in your pocket. This complain many users in various forums and make even comparisons with the enormously bulky Nokia 5800. Quite as bad, although it is not, yet here not quite timely affects the X 6 the shape.

The 3.2-inch, capacitive touch screen, however, gets consistently good scores. The display in 16:9-format like with a sharp appearance and is protected with a scratch-resistant glass lid from damage caused by key or sharp-edged objects. However, this does not apply to the plastic housing, which scratches against shows but closed. Some owners complain of dust under the display cover, this shortcoming was in the endurance test but not to demonstrate.

Annoying in everyday life

The Symbian based S60 UI can convince and large and like with many practical goodies in everyday life. However, there are two points of criticism: so some buttons on the display must be touched twice, the function to start, is sufficient for some turn a unique touch. The logic is missing here. Also the virtual QWERTY keyboard can not entirely convincing: the buttons and text Windows are very small and the missing lines between the buttons bother visually quite properly when writing texts.

Worse software side but, because that showed some times annoying crashes which also some users did report on the X 6 working firmware 20.0.005 in everyday life. This in a fatigue test mainly surfing the Web with the pretty good browser encountered – or if many applications parallel were started in the background, so when multi-tasking. Also the speed may be much snappier. Nokia has now responded: an update to the firmware version 21.0.004 available, which made subjective for a higher speed and a more stable operating system, at least during the short remaining trial period was short before the end of the test.

With multimedia in its element

In its element, the X is 6, when it comes to the subject of music. So the engineers at the audio output have all works done: the Smartphone offers a flawless frequency response and not only, but also excellent results at THD and signal to noise ratio. This and the easily accessible 3.5 mm jack for the user plugs of any headphone is the basis for music enjoyment at the highest level, even with the supplied Comfort headset WH-500. The equipment of the music player can convince – connect editors as well as the user exhibiting the X 6 excellent as musician notes.

It continues with praise: the 5-megapixel camera is more than a mere addition and delivers very good image quality. In addition, the camera is well equipped. Nokia’s Ovi store which offers several programs, other apps which expand 6 in many ways can the functionality of the X.

Otherwise the X 6 has some arrows in the quiver. The speakerphone about spoiled with good understandable sound through the stereo speakers. Also on the normal phone, the X gets 6 positive grades. The endurance can uproot trees in everyday life, what but also not to expect. The 16 days of theoretical stand by time determined in the laboratory and connect two up remained in everyday life three days at average use with browsing, phone and listening to music.

Conclusion: Light and shadow

The multimedia smartphone with a music focus makes optically correct and is waiting with a blazing facilities. Significantly, the positive impression was marred however by the described software crashes. But this is no problem for eternity: published just before deadline firmware update to version 21.0.004 have Finns reacts – is to be hoped that holds the software, which has promised the first good impression.

The Nokia X 6 is 32 GB from House from car worldwide with free and pedestrian navigation, Ovi maps. The Smartphone also in the car emits a fine figure, a special vehicle mount is necessary. With the combination of the suction cup holder CR-120 for the windshield and the car charger DC-4, navigate with your Smartphone is not a problem.


Wi-Fi tethering is currently a popular theme. Here, the Smartphone serves as a router and supplies such as Netbooks or Internet pads with online access via Wi-Fi. In addition to a contract with flat rate data the X 6 required to have installed software JoikuSpot premium (our site). In addition to the paid version with password and Internet Protocol, also a stripped-down free version is available with JoikuSpot light.


A successful alternative to the on the X 6 pre-installed browser or the well-known Opera Mobile comes from the software company Skyfire (our site). The browser shines with very fast page loading and easy to use.


So the X 6 brings his sound in the larger round, needed a powerful speaker system. By creative there is this in the form of the D100 even wirelessly, because in addition to a 3.5 mm jack that accepts D100 music signals via Bluetooth using the A2D profile. Thanks to the possibility to operate the D100 with batteries, it is also the ideal partner of game in the holiday.


The new handsfree Nokia HF-510 comes with an integrated OLED display. A charging cable, as well as miscellaneous fastening material for the sun visor or the disc are also in the carton.

Important and often-used functions the user x can place 6 not only in the lower half of the standby display, but also directly call. So offers the Nokia equal to three quick access functions. Around the clock in the upper area of the display is touched promptly reach the alarm. A tap on date or set profile leads directly to the selection of situation profiles. The right upper display area is, however, shown, appears a small overview about missed calls and messages, as well as on the current connection, such as a wireless access point. With these functions, you multiple saves going through the main and submenus.

Software update

Is more important than ever to keep the Smartphone to date, because as you know it from the local computer from the update frequency of programs and operating system is much higher than some time ago. The X 6 alerts the owner updates. To do this, you must click on “Main menu/programs/update” and can select the individual updates to the installation.

Connection Manager

An important feature is the connection manager to prevent unwanted costs. So, one can define the priority of access points, such as Web browsing, about “Main menu/settings/connections/objectives”. If configured, the X uses 6 automatically known hotspots of Wi-Fi to go online. Only when these are not available, it draws on the GSM/UMTS data connection.


Many programs and features of the X 6 must be stopped explicitly with “Closing” what achieved but often only via an options menu. The multitasking display you can find with a long press on the menu button itself, that lists the active background programs.