Nokia X 3-02 Touch and Type in the Practice Test

Touch and type is called the operating concept, in which simple phones are equipped with a touchscreen Nokia. The Nokia X 3-02 is one of the first touch and type models.

It is operated via a touch screen is to enter data about typing a phone number or a text message, usual via the mechanical keyboard below the screen as with phones.

The benefits are obvious: who has used only cell phones, can continue as usual make a call or send SMS, and yet reap the benefits of a touch screen. Instead of laboriously hitting menu items using the navigation key, to select a direct pressure on the desired entry is sufficient. The principle is so simple and obvious that you wonder why no one ever came before it:

Nokia has made touchscreen-enabled the S40 user interface which has been running since years on Nokia’s mid-range handsets, for this: two buttons at the bottom of the display, replace the usual softkeys, all lists are so great, that they safely and comfortably can be controlled with a finger.

If you had based on a Nokia cell phone in hands, will easily cope with the Nokia X 3-02. Also here the home screen can be according to the own needs with direct access to important functions or contacts provided.

Space for display and keyboard

That the five-way button and the soft keys are missing, has another advantage: keep more space for display and keyboard. The keys are arranged in however something unfamiliar, the bottom line has accommodated Nokia right as the fourth column.

That requires getting used to, for the handle of the Nokia X 3-02 big fail touch and type matte plastic. Also the display with a diagonal of 2.4 inch is generously sized for a cell phone, where slightly more space in the face of the touch screen operation is necessary.

The display responds not to touch, but gentle pressure. The control works reliably, if also not quite as elegant as a good Smartphone and also not always fast. What bothers is the thin display cover: already at low pressure, unsightly shadows on the screen show up — when you have a resistive touch screen, you would have to watch here for better quality.

Wi-FI, Facebook and a small app store

Besides makes the ten millimeter-thin Nokia X 3-02 touch and type, the Akkudeckel is made of metal, a solid and well processed impression. Also bought Nokia X 3-02 a decent facilities including HSPA and Wi-FI for fast data reception.

The browser and the simple E-Mail client benefit from, through the Ovi store you can Java applications download also on the phone, simple applications or games partially for free. Also a client for accessing Facebook and Twitter is available, which is quite useful.

But those who want to use Internet services extensively, should better access to a real Smartphone. For entertainment, there is a music player and an FM radio. The 5-megapixel camera lacks auto focus and photo light, the buyer must waive a GPS receiver to the localization and navigation.


The operating concept is distinguished touch and type due to the ease of use and the benefits listed. But despite the touch screen and Wi-FI: the Nokia X 3-02 touch and type is suitable especially to make phone calls and sending SMS. See the full review with all results of sound, reception and endurance measurements in the connect issue 2/2011 (from January 7 at the kiosk).