Nokia Secret Menu

Nokia is one of the most popular mobile phones in the world manufacturers, in fact your navigation menu is one of the most intuitive and most imitated by other manufacturers. So you have a funny trick to access the identification details of your Nokia phone.

So you can access the secret menu of Nokia

In addition to the menu you can access normally, if you type * #92702689 # enter the Warranty using Nokia technical services menu. Try to write it and see which options appear:

  • Serial Number or IMEI: is the serial number that identifies your device, so it is not a modifiable data.
  • Made: it is the date of manufacture – the month and year – and is not a modifiable data.
  • Purchasing date: date of purchase, and usually this option is blank if not we have ever written anything. Appears ‘mmyyyy‘ and if we modify luengo can not be changed.
  • Reparied: it is the date of the last service, and can only be modifcarlas Nokia technicians. If it has never been repaired than normal it is to also put ‘mmyyyy‘.
  • Life Timer: is an indicator of carrying the phone on time.

To only know the IMEI can type directly * #06 #. This is the same number that appears the tag that is on the back of your phone underneath the battery. The IMEI number is like your telephone registration, and is a unique number that identifies the device.