Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset

Nokia has today completed his big day of presentations with the launch of their new headphones with noise reduction. The Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset It is presumed before rivals hide 99% of ambient noise unwanted despite its small size.

This accessory is compatible with any phone with bluetooth technology, although he acquires a special value when we have a terminal with NFC, as they perform pairing automatically thanks to this communication technology that just playing teams.

To handle by the libraries of music or manage the incoming and outgoing calls, the Nokia Essence Bluetooth Headset It has included physical buttons. It will sell the month that comes at a price still undefined.

Along with the three models of mobile, Nokia has also presented three Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, each focused on a different range of users.

The Nokia BH-803 It is a handset design, although this neglects the quality of sound, since it incorporates a signal processor that eliminates background noise. It has touch-sensitive controls and its price will be between 140 and 160 euro.

The Nokia BH-604 It is clearly focused those who want to listen to music from your mobile phone. Certainly they are not some headphones discreet, precisely. It has keys to control the playback of audio and is compatible with Bluetooth 2.0. Its price will be around between 120 and 140 euro.

The Nokia BH-602 It is aimed at a professional audience, you need to spend many hours talking. For this reason, its autonomy is up to 11 hours in conversation, but if we have a trouble allows we can talk up to 5 hours with a load of only 15 minutes. Its price will be between 75 and 90 euros.