Nokia 1800

Due to the low price, the Nokia 1800 arises as one dough phone. But as a result, the Nokia can take beginners 1800 nerves.

It’s a word: Nokia wants to 34 euros for his 1800, in free trade there are the simple cell phone again to a few euros cheaper. At such a price, it destroys much even in the event of a Fehlkaufs. And a unit with meager facilities can be so not so hard to use. There is something in the theory, but also a simple phone can have problems.

Small buttons, mini display

The 1800 is especially the compact housing for easy handling in the way. There is little space available for keyboard and display. The buttons are on top of that not noticeably separated, this applies particularly to the combination of phone keys and soft keys below the display, that change their function depending on the menu item. Also on display is closely. The colored display of 128 x 160 pixels displays partly very small fonts, for better readability it is advisable to choose a solid color background in the settings.

Nokia seems certainly on a large display of fonts to create value, quite consistently but not resolved. Example main menu: here, the nine entries at a glance are visibly represented with icons. The meaning of the icons is not entirely clear who, find top left of the display the Declaration. She is however very small and is on top of that, some very far away from the marked icon. After all, there’s a simple solution here: the menu allows to switch to list view, then, the greatest problems are solved. Experienced cell phone users have no problems with the 1800 and in the settings menu, the operation can be quite optimized, but the mobile newcomer must get there first.

Not optimal for beginners

The laboratory then shows the experience of Nokia. The 1800 features a very good endurance and superior sound. However, there are phones that can sound louder. Whoever hears it slightly worse, the phone could be too low. The reception is in order. So, the Nokia does not do justice the special needs of older Mobilfunkeinsteiger, using her cell phone and want to tune. Who wants to have it especially cheap, should deal with small buttons and some small print. Otherwise, the really cheap device in the episode can cost lots of nerves.