Niteye Flashlight Review

Two versions available: 1-delivered only lamp

2 Lamp delivered with a Panasonic battery 3400 mAh 18650
Lamp Niteye MSR26, tactical flashlight rechargeable by USB micro rear button + side button, a maximum output of 1080 lumens (2 x CR123) and a range of 265 meters. The lamp is resistant to IPX-6 projections of water and falls from a height of 1.5 meters.
The maximum autonomy is 250h 1 Lumen and 1080 Lumens 0.8h Turbo mode.

Among ToughestFlashlights, rechargeable flashlight 1080 Lumens-4 + strobe modes-Uses two CR123 batteries or one 18650 battery-max autonomy 250h 1 Lumen-resistant projections IPX-6 water-reach 265 meters.


To light the lamp, simply press the back button, do the same to turn off the lamp.
To change modes, simply press the side button when the lamp is on and you’ll spend in the different modes: Turbo / Strong / Medium and Low.

Momentary switch: Tap the back button without going to click

to activate the strobe mode, hold down the side button more than a second.
To directly activate the Turbo mode, press twice quickly the side button.

Memory Function: MSR26 remembers the last mode used prior to its termination, unless the strobe mode. At the next ignition will get the mode in which you were when you stopped llors your last use.

To recharge the lamp: light the lamp with the back button, connect the micro USB cable to the lamp head and the other end into a USB charger, a charge indicator will light in the secondary button when the battery is fully charged the light will turn off.when you remove the USB micro cable from the lamp, the lamp will still lit position.(Only use 18650 batteries charging method-lamp not compatible with flathead batteries )

A remaining battery indicator is present on the lamp.
If it remains between 50 and 100% of battery, the indicator does not light.
Between 10 and 50% the indicator will flash slowly.
Below 10% the indicator will flash rapidly.


  • Cree XP-L HI with a life span of 50 000 hours
  • 4 light modes regulated + Strobe
  • 1080 ANSI Lumens (0.8h) carried 265mètres (2 CR123 batteries)
  • 950 ANSI Lumens (2h) (18650)
  • 260 ANSI Lumens (7h)
  • 75 ANSI Lumens (30h)
  • 1 ANSI Lumens (250h)
  • Intensity: 17,540 cd
  • Battery: 2 CR123 batteries (Maximum 1080 Lumens) or one 18650 battery (950 Lumens) without battery and without battery ( lamp not compatible with flathead batteries )
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Anti-scratch hard anodising Type III military grade
  • Storing the last mode
  • hexagonal head to prevent the roll of the lamp
  • Dimension: 152mm (Length) x 41.5mm (head diameter) x 25.4mm (body diameter)
  • Weight: 117g (without battery)
  • Splash resistant IPX-6 water
  • Resistant to falls from a height of 1.5 meters.
  • 2 years warranty

Package Contents

  • Niteye MS-R26 lamp
  • Replacement O 2 joints
  • Replacement cap for switches
  • USB cable for charging
  • Belt Clip