Nightwear and Dressing Gown Sets

Many of us can not sleep without pajamas but consider it as a turn-off. You “Bridget”, know that this sleepwear can be very sexy. You just matcher comfort and glamor when deciding to buy a new one. Explanations.
Ah good big fluffy pajamas and kitsch as can be, what we love! Wear it to hang at home, keep warm all winter and when we did not too morale. A sacred comforting, it’s true, especially when watching TV on the sofa. The thing is that this pajama room (yeah, we go to the bottom) is not what we prefer life companion. Or at least the guy we would like to have with us every night of the week. Certainly we have the right not to like hanging out naked in our apartment but it is not a reason to bet on the turn-off which dates back 15 years to the image of our character design favorite cartoon. Let’s say we could simply opt for a sexy Pylou, comfortable and pleasant to the touch as to the eye. We understand each other.

One can, for example, a shopper as pretty as sweet nightie. Already, you feel beautiful in it. Then we may make sense and it is a rather positive. For those who have no desire to wear this type of clothing for the night, there is the full silk pajamas that are also very suitable. It may fall for the short shorts and camisole release. Or for a little top with short sleeves and matching pants with ravishing lace details.

We offer in store as on website, a romantic and chic collection by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Egeria and creator of a day for the British brand, and she imagined the online Rosie for Autograph. Sexy and elegant creations that promise however a night in comfort and softness.