NF Cable Oehlbach XXL Black Connection Master Set

The new Oehlbach XXL does not understated black connection master set (380 euro per stereo pair).

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The new Oehlbach XXL black connection master set thinks nothing of understatement: leather-related plug with screw, gold-plated inlays make powerful impression, where the leather is reflected also in the insulation of the cable.

Sonically the new Nobel cable satisfies the claim of the Baden manufacturer. There were exposing little with associated equipment at all with the XXL master set. It always sounded finely resolved, spatial and dynamic; Although at times a bit too restrained the Accuphase/KEF chain and unemotional–especially compared to the Audioquest. The Oehlbach was clearly ahead on the tube system, however. The chain was free and fine – with no other cable it sounded airier.

Oehlbach XXL black connection master set

Manufacturer Oehlbach
Price €380.00
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Length 0.5 and 1.0 metres
Plug own with leather and gold-plated RCA connectors
Building parallel symmetrical
Outer conductor insulation
Inner conductor insulation PE
Material and type of the inner conductor HPOCC silver plated copper wire
Material and type of shielding Copper braid, aluminium foil and PVC sheath leather look
Measured values
Series inductance 0 µH / m
Series Inductivity 359,0 nH / m
Series resistance 48.8 mOhm /.
Parallel capacity 68 pF / m
Parallel drainage 0,0070 µS / m
Cable impedance 71.0 ohm
Balanced and neutral.
Visually not for everyone, and to hold back.
Audio predicate
tested in issue: 7 / 10