Nexus One, Video Performance and Comparative Images

Updated with interesting impressions of use

We continue with another chapter in the leaks Nexus One, trying to not post by post, or at least to compile enough information on each piece of news, in this case we have a juicy video of 5 minutes with the phone running, and although it has poor quality is very interesting.

We can see a review of Android 2.1, this time at the end on the Nexus One, not on a Motorola Droid as we saw yesterday. It is interesting as it passes between windows interface points at the bottom, marking with the number of windows that are on each side. I do not know if this performance will finally have something to do with the leds on the top of the screen that were seen in the HTC Bravo.

Everything moves with the expected fluidity, screen seems to have a great response, and in a matter of news we can see first time both the widget and the application Google News operating.

Also dedicated a portion of the video to teach us the browser of android 2.1 running, apparently not seen important changes and does not have this Nexus One multi-touch support.

Also have new gallery of images, some can see the phone compared with the HTC Hero or iPhone, as we see the size is similar despite a display of greater proportions:

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Images taken with the cameras of three terminals, in the order Hero HTC, Apple iPhone 3GS and Nexus One:

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Fast, slim, and better in almost every way that a Motorola Droid, This is how we could summarize the contact of Gizmodo with a Nexus One.

Thinner and lighter than an iPhone 3GS and quality materials, they are a good cover letter, but we are going with some curious detail:

  • at the bottom of the phone presents three gold contacts that may serve to a possible charging station (perhaps multimedia).
  • the screen is better than the Motorola Droid in terms of colors and contrast. Possibly the best display I have seen in a mobile phone.
  • noticiablemente faster than a Motorola Droid, especially in the load of pages Web sites and applications.
  • in a benchmark Javascript had results similar to a iPhone 3GS, but rather better than Droid. In practice Nexus One renders pages faster than its competitors, according to tell us.
  • How you already anticipate the animated backgrounds are also interactive.
  • Happy with the performance of the 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, none of the other world, but good results.
  • No multi-touch support in the browser, they assume that it is more a legal problem than a technical.
  • The unit speakers are decent, it would be nice to present a multimedia station with choice of synchronization and charging.