Nexus One, The End Quality Images, Video and First Impressions

Finally have material quality on the Nexus One, thanks to Engadget, you offer us an extensive gallery of the terminal and a video of his operation, besides the first fairly positive conclusions of the appliance.

All specifications that we have been talking about the month December seem to confirm, it’s a phone manufactured by HTC and Android 2.1 operating system, the hardware aspect highlight its circuitry Snapdragon 1 GHz, the screen of 3.7 inches (480 x 800 pixels), and the incredible 512 MB of RAM, which in the end will be inside.

Offering free phone features 4GB of memory in microSD format and is expandable up to 32GB, also inform us of its 5 megapixel camera and LED flash, featuring faster operation which found on the Motorola Droid. I am not going to continue enumerating other specifications that we already know and let’s share some impressions of the source on the apparatus.

First thing that stand out from their appearance is the thickness, is actually achieved in this respect, as it can be seen in the images, in practice would say it’s something thinner than an iPhone. Has a conservative, very much in the line of HTC, but compact design with good materials.

In the operation itself, Engadget argues that it is not really very different from what we find in a Motorola Droid, so it is not a real surprise in any sense, but they make it clear what better phone than the aforementioned, and that obviously time will put every one on your website.

A detail that found them somewhat frustrating is the lack of possibilities multitouch, taking into account the incredible screen that tells the device, could give much play with the user interface. He has been curious to find us again with the trackball of previous HTC, it was rumored that it would update with more innovative solution.

It shows the power of process in many respects, especially is evident when you open applications, as we can see in the video that I share in the news, look that quickly manages the maps from Google Maps or the web browser itself.

Better that comment the Visual enhancements incorporated as the interactive backgrounds and animated, management between different desktops (now 5) or three-dimensional appearance of the application menu, we’ll see in the above video:

In short, there is less so that the Nexus One is on the market and I think that for those who are interested in it, not much away from what are waiting for, what are your impressions?.

I end with a gallery of children’s Engadget that it is priceless, in it we can see it from all angles, even compared to an iPhone, especially emphasizing its thickness, go with it:

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