Nexus One, Image Gallery and More Information

The news of these days is without a doubt the Nexus One and the identity of Google Phone that all media are giving it, yesterday I taught quite different regarding this user, but what if it is a reality is that phone exists and increasingly come more images and information, so I find it interesting to share with you.

Fortunately we have raised with an extensive gallery of images courtesy of the guys at Engadget that allows us to better know to the Nexus One in different perspectives, and the truth is that the terminal has a very interesting lines, highlighting its thinness and the decrease in the number of physical buttons for a touch-sensitive surface.

Taking into account that the logo of HTC not appear anywhere, strongly call attention to the rear of the appliance, with a drawing of the mascot Android holding a poster that we cannot see the content, since the author of the photos has covered it, but from the source they inform us that it is of a QR code, We’ll see where leads all this in the next episode.

On the other hand speak of the improvements in the operating system Android 2.1, with the presence of more desks and the possibility, with a button enabled, see thumbnail to them, believe that they want to give you a style similar to the cards of the webOS. We will also see a more three-dimensional appearance items and icons on screen and already commented animated desktop wallpapers.

A curious comment that the phone is being used in the T-Mobile and also via WiFi network, and in the enterprise applications of the search engine as Google Maps Navigation or Google Goggles have been. Another detail that have found is that there is a web link to a quick guide to using them, but it is not supported at this time. It is said that voice recognition is much more integrated into the entire system.

On the other hand if someone had doubts that the pileup is real and will appear in the market, we see that you just pass through the hands of the FCC in the United States number PB99100 and built by HTC. Some data that can be drawn from this step is featuring an extensive support and networking: quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE with UMTS/HSUPA and the frequencies 850/1700/1900.

Update, It seems to be that quick guide page is back online, unfinished, but without a doubt is further proof.

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