Nexus One Free to 530 Dollars, Do January 5?

Yesterday knew its first accessories, saw it in a new video and we reported on the Conference that Google is going to make the next day January 5, but perhaps the most interesting news was able to buy the phone to Google, since it will sell it on your website, or with the operator T-Mobile.

The price of the free Nexus One will be 530 dollars (370 euros), hopefully they forget conversions 1:1 when it offered in our country, but the world of technology is what is the style. The price is higher than what was speculated and is that Google does not want to get in the game lose money per phone until it is profitable.

The second possibility, less important for our market, is to make a 24 month contract with T-Mobile, then the price of the phone will be 180 dollars (125 euros). The offered monthly fee is $80 including all the services of the operator.

The American operator users who want to do with it shall comply with the previously mentioned price plan. If they cancel the contract in the first 120 days they will have to pay the difference to the free terminal price or return the phone.

We could say that prices are below the competition for what offers hardware-level. Enabled the purchase page will be, and may be purchased from outside the United States, and regardless of where what you do only 5 units can be purchased for each Google account.

As for the accessories that we saw yesterday, we find that multimedia station will cost $39.99 and the support for car 49.99 dollars. What do you think about prices?