Nexpaq, a Case with Module Upgrades Seeking Support at the Kickstarter

It has gradually become a craze with modular phones, Nexpaq goes after a modular cover instead.

There has recently been a few modular ideas flourishing on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, last Fonkraft tried it but have subsequently dropped their crowdfunding campaign.

Nexpaq takes an alternative route to the modules, instead of making the phone itself so that it supports modules, then they have made a case that the phone is placed in (and which also contains a 1000 mAh battery).

Right now there are twelve modules, LED Flash, speaker, SD card reader, spirit measure, 64 GB of memory and a range of other sensors. In this case there is room for six modules-however, some more than a seat-filling.

Nexpaq has now collected 187,000 dollars out of the 50,000 which was the original goal by 125,000 dollars had they in addition an extra goal, a batpaq. A modular battery pack which can be connected via USB, all modules works just like with nexpaq and can be controlled via the phone-you can, for example, equip it with large amounts of space and battery capacity.

The delivery date is now set for January 2016, there is no question of a modular phone, but merely a piece of accessories where the modules can be thought of as USB Accessories, it does not seem right up in the air with this date. However, Nexpaq are available initially only for Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy S6 S6 Edge and iPhone 6/6 Plus.

An element that may be worrying, is the temperature in such a case, my OnePlus can be reasonably warm and packed such into it can arguably go fairly wrong if the heat cannot escape, but then you can of course buy a module with a blowing in.