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FlexEnable has Already Developed technology Soft Screens Graphene ready to be Applied on a Large Scale

Some of the jewels of the MWC are not in the main halls with big brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei, but you have to go looking for where all those small companies that have achieved a hole together to show in this edition. Today we talk about FlexEnable, a company that, despite its discreet stand has drawn the attention of the mainstream media thanks to its technology.

Some time ago we told you about graphene as the material of the future and has multiple applications, today we could try it firsthand. FlexEnable developed with a team of Cambridge technology graphene flexible screens that can display images and videos adapting to virtually any way we propose.

The prototype that you see in the picture has been specifically created to demonstrate what he can do this type of display in the MWC, but his agent informed us that they have no intention of becoming a product company, but they want to sell the technology to companies that may be interested in applying to their products. We explained that they have spoken with more than 10 major brands but would not reveal their names.

The deadline for flexible display technology is fully developed is 18 months, plus his representative told us that already have a developed production process. Some of the doubts that arose us as we explained what he can do this type of display is about quality and definition. They explained that there is no impediment to achieve the same high definition resolutions currently found in the LCD or AMOLED panels, plus consumption is also similar so there would be no problem in this regard.

FlexEnable will have a fully Developed Version of the Technology in 18 Months

Undoubtedly, this type of display could completely revolutionize the world of new smartwatches as mobile devices, although their possible applications not end there. For example, we explained that we could use them to cover the windshield of our car and show determines relevant information without obstructing the view of the road or force usto look anywhere else. Applications in this area are immense, now only need to graphene production is standardized and their prices are reduced.

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