New Rumors Are Running March 14 Presentation of The Galaxy SIV in New York

Much been already on the cycle of renewal several smartphones high-end, which this year is being shortened because of the competition and the unstoppable advance of the new hardware we see month-to-month. We had already spoken of the Galaxy SIV in these terms previously, but now it finally sounds a date specific, and with force.

Many of you will remember to Eldar Murtazin, an acquaintance of the industry from time to time advances us some other data. True or not, the date that sounds hard is March 14, slightly varying dates previously heard.

Save the date for a big announcement – March 14 ūüôā And keep silence ūüėČ HTC will miss One HTC sales again ūüôĀ Like it was in 2012.

‚ÄĒ Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) on February 18, 2013

It also confirms the launch site, which would keep pace with large and famous cities, Barcelona and London in previous editions, with a no less iconic city: New York.

Sense has, gets up early cycle of presentations that is following the rest of brands, like the Xperia Z at CES, the Optimus G Pro’s makes a few days or the HTC One/M7 to be presented tomorrow himself in London, where we will be.

In addition, I would call attention to occur in the United States, where perhaps needed a little more visibility, it is of the few places where the iPhone holds stoic the onslaught of Android.

Although rumors are quite varied, they sound with force several possibilities for this smartphone. In the processor, we are between the Exynos 5 Octa, with two groups of four cores, and the 5450 Exynos, the QuadCore which continues the SoC seen in Nexus 10 with two additional cores.

In addition, is expected to rise to the 5 inches in an undoubted FullHD resolution, with 2GB of RAM, a level camera and a renewed user interface, as it comes como viene siendo being custom.