New Hands-Free Devices

What can the Jabra Cruiser 2 and Funkwerk Dabendorf audio 2010?

You usually do not want hands-free devices but you need them – otherwise a whopping fine threatens during a telephone conversation with the phone to your ear while driving. The costly fixed installations are however many drivers with several hundred euros too expensive, and the little plug – &-play equipment at the other end of the price scale a cheap image clings that suggests poor quality. But a lot has happened: the Jabra Cruiser 2 for only 100 euro wants to clean up with the accusation of poor voice quality and is one to two microphones – on the front to speak and one on the side, which filters out background noise. To install the Jabra as shown in the picture below on the sun visor, the microphones sit automatically in an ideal position, promises good speech intelligibility. On the issue of control, Jabra relies on four large buttons that control the call, mute, and volume control. The pushers are far apart and can be found blind.

Is a number greater than the Funkwerk Dabendorf audio 2010 (150 euros). Classic fixed installation with Bluetooth and small black box audio 2000, which is one of the best selling car kits for around ten years 2010 is the audio in direct successor of the successful model.

In these ten years technically very much happened, what one sees on the audio 2010 also at first glance. There is a cell phone holder no longer, but a control unit with integrated display that can freely be anchored to a cable on the dashboard… You read the full article in carhifi 1/2011. Carhifi right here in the Shop order.