New Features in Windows 10 Mobile, and Hands-on with Build 10080

There have been a number of new features in the latest Windows build 10 Mobile, see them here.

The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build with number 10080 offers a number of new features, among other things, is HTC One M8 for Windows now among the supported devices.

Other new features include Windows Store Beta, universal Office applications, Xbox app, Video and Music Preview app as well as new camera application.

Windows Store Beta is the first look at the new Windows Store in Windows 10 Mobile. You can search for and download applications, and even pay for them by credit card, PayPal or GiftCard. However, it is not yet possible to pay via than monthly phone bill, a feature which will come later.

Through the Great Beta, you can now download the universal office applications Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote Preview applications.

With the Xbox application can access its activity feed, view its holdings, friends list, messages and more.

With Music Preview, you can play music from its OneDrive and Video Preview allows you to play video, including titles you have bought or rented from Xbox video. One can further initiate a video from his Xbox, and continue from the same point when you have to out the door. In a later update it will be possible to download movies that can be viewed offline.

WMPowerusers has created a hands-on video that takes a closer look at the new features, see the below.