New Chapter to The Saga Apple Vs Samsung

We have already followed from here all the chapters of the saga claims that Apple and Samsung started long ago, and after what Samsung was forced to show their new devices to the Apple brand. There was not the thing, is that Samsung was responding to demand demanding to see prototypes of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 also, reason by which Apple once again accuse of copycats people from Samsung.

The latest twist in the legal battle between the two companies was that yesterday Florian Mueller, FOSS Patents, said that Samsung resorted to harassment So what Apple referred to his rival as “ the copyist & #8221; in the latest documents that mentioned the Korean company.

Last Friday Apple responded to the demand for Samsung demanded to see future generations of iPhone and iPad denying the request, since according to Apple, “ Samsung has no need to see the future iPhone and iPad, because Apple is not accused of copying products of Samsung & #8221;.

Likewise, and following the discussion, the Apple, Richard J. Lutton, patent attorney referred to Apple in a presentation “ as a company widely recognized around the world to keep the business secret ”, after claiming “ announcements of new Apple products are important events in the technology industry ”. So, is keen on a distinction among the products Apple and other brands.

Still we will have to wait for this Friday to see the next episode, and it is that this will be the date on which will be decided in court if Apple has to show you their new products to Samsung. In addition, it is the day in which the term is fulfilled so Samsung deliver their new designs with all the information to Apple.