NAVIGON Mobile Navigator

The first is and remains the best: Navigons mobile Navigator boasts safe guidance and clever features.

NAVIGON was the first to offer of a navigation app in the app store, and quality, the software is still at the front. In addition to the various versions of the country between 24 and 90 euro, there is now also the Telekom Edition, which comes with only basic functions, is free of charge but in the first two years and can gradually be upgraded on the other versions.

The traffic service traffic live (20 euro), which offers a very high topicality on federal roads and highways is subject to surcharge for all versions. Unlike the competing solutions does not apply to traffic Live subscription, but can use it unlimited.

Fast and high resolution

In the test on the iPhone 4 convinced the NAVIGON mobile Navigator then fully: ran the NAVIGON program especially on the older iPhone generations sometimes somewhat slow, so the software on the one iPhone 4 with route calculations over several hundred kilometres with values of less than 15 seconds (for three routes) to the fastest.

He did also route recalculation in a pace that we have rarely seen on our test track. Dealing with the program works smoothly: on the way to switch to another application, the navigation in the background can be active and only on the language notes to hear – it manages excellent.

Only at your destination, you should take care that it will stop the guidance before you switch off the iPhone, otherwise it could be that the navigation remains active and blithely continue expects – what extremely depleted battery life. But this applies to all iPhone 4 Navis.

Adaptation to the iPhone 4 display is even more impressive than before the graphics – it is somewhat fragmented, but with many useful tools and a very good overview. Improved GPS reception of the iPhone 4 once again helps the already previously high-precision guidance on the jumps.