Navigation Apps for iPhone 4

With NAVIGON, TomTom, ALK aura are co-pilot and Sygic the first GPS apps for the iPhone 4 in the app store available. To read who has managed the best navigation for the iPhone 4, with us.

The Apple iPhone 4 is a great success not only among the Smartphones, it sets new standards even when used as navigation. This is due to the dramatically higher display resolution 960 x 480 points, the high computing power and improved GPS reception. Also the operating system iOS 4 brings a quantum leap with multi-tasking now possible: with the current version, you can run a different program also during navigation or assume also a phone call without any joins therefore the navigation app.

Never-seen 3-D representation

Since these innovations do not automatically also can be used by all navigation applications, the programmer had to ran again. After a few weeks the first GPS apps for the iPhone 4 in the app store available are co-pilot and Sygic now with NAVIGON, TomTom, ALK aura.

To the individual tests

NAVIGON mobile Navigator TomTom App ALK CoPilot Live Sygic aura

We are first of all the question have gone after that as consistently and stable apps that implement new possibilities of iOS and whether they provide yet further improvements. Sygic aura, that brings an impressive and yet nowhere seen 3-D town representation is brand new and same iOS 4 compatible.

But also the established competitors NAVIGON and TomTom can not splash out: in addition to many other features, both providers without extra charge have new maps on Board (for existing customers via update). That is not a given, because the cards licenses are the most expensive to a navigation system and had to be paid so far always extra.