Navajo Prints Fashion

Navajo print spend the summer to become one of the flagship of the fall of 2011. Can we keep his old coins and how to wear this season?

We recycle

Navajo prints, Aztec print, not the same continent but all United under the same ethnic and geometric pattern. Last winter the trend was already long Peruvian poncho of small Pied Piper. Good news, If you have invested in the coverage of high mountain, she is always fashionable in 2011-2012. On shorts or a straight jean, you like the previous year choose to surround it to the size (and find you something in common with a wrap) or leave it loose. Very hot, it easily replaces the classic form of the ordinary coat.

You can also marry your lifejacket sioux with another room recycled denim shirt. Seen at the fashion show fall winter 2011 2012 of Isabel Marant, total look Wild West version comes in mesh, denim and in fringe for boots.

70’s version

The novelty lies elsewhere. And more particularly on skirts or retro parts knit to create a look dating from the end of the 1970s (1979 if judged the locker room of the splendid troupe). In a mix of autumnal hues, bordeaux and black, you can dial around loose sweaters, high boots and tight Turtleneck dress.

New coats

Even if the ponchos are not old-fashioned, navajo print appears on other forms of coats. Version male, overcoat with a broad middle and drooping shoulders or Inuit version (pay your mixture of culture) a big mesh jacket with a fur hood. The young Heimstone brand offers a look interesting, both ethnic and rock combining Navajo print with black leather pants. A mixture that works and which could seduce girls to traditional looks jean + perfecto.