Nautika Micron X-Lite Sleeping Bag

Product Details: Nautika: Sleeping Bag 5ºc A 8ºc Blue/Black-Micron-Nautika

Product: Sleeping bag 5ºc at 8ºc blue/black-Micron
Brand: Nautika


Whether in the camping or in the mountains, a warm night with practicality is more than necessary. For situations like these, sleeping bags are the best option as they offer the comfort and the ideal temperature for a great night’s sleep.
The Nautika Micron X-Lite sleeping bag, available at, is an ultra-compact sarco-type model that will warm your body in a temperature range between 5ºC and 8ºC. At the top, it comes with a built-in curved hood that further enhances your head comfort, and at the bottom, the sleeping bag is narrower, thus ensuring a warmer foot region.
The model is compact but large enough for an adult to rest comfortably (215cm) and accompanies an exclusive carry case, making it easy to carry and carry.
Antartik sleeping bag is developed with the famous ripstop technology, thus providing the confidence that the user is looking for in a product.

Sleeping bag 5ºc at 8ºc blue/black-Micron
Colors: LJ/PR, PR/AZ
Dimensions: Comp. 2,15m x Larg. Superior 80cm x Larg. Lower 55cm
Temperature Range: 5°C to 8°C
Material Filler: Thermopix Siliconized 50g/m2
Outer Material: Ripstop 190T Polyester Resin Polyurethane
Inner Material: 70D Polyester
Weight (g): 600
Type: Ultra-compact Sarcophagus
Type of Fiber: Fiber Synthetic

Instructions for use

Follow operating instructions in the package instruction manual or instructions.