Nautical Terms Weigh Anchor

Again this summer, the sea inspires fashion and it’s a tidal wave of anchors who runs aground in our wardrobes. Yes, Yes, anchors for example found in the back of a sweater tunic in silk and cashmere at Berenice, version sweater bling-bling at Ecko Red or kitsch jewelry for Louis Vuitton!

Well, anchors agree, remains to be seen how to wear them and adapt them to each style. If the RADIUS ready-to-wear, there used to cross, so far it was rather in a chic and classic style: Marie-Chantale to the beach or the bride of Captain Haddock version good chic good genre (walleye, totes, polo, etc buttons). Then the anchors version spring summer 2008, what do we do?

1 / friend of the jacket of leather and the studded whip (huhu!), knew that the anchor may be rock’n roll! Mind on muscular biceps, the anchor tattoo is a potentially rock symbol; It is preferred, for example, printed on a marcel tired.

2 / playable too, vintage look jewelry! Anchors such as compasses, bars wheel and other small buoys will be perfect charms at the end of a long necklace or around the wrist.

3 / Finally (my favorite): the anchor, we display great kitsch to shots of colors flashy and all plastic. In PIN, on a necklace or as a touch of absurdity in the bend of a Jersey of bath or a pinup to dusted style dress… It’s funny but attention, like all good things, we should not abuse!

And you love them how anchors? Kitsch, rock or retro version? Unless you want them at their usual place, IE on the boats?