Nails with Points of Colors

Decorate your nails with designs is very fashionable, looks very nice and is fun to do. Color dots nail design these highlights, looks very nice and is super simple to make.


  • Black varnish
  • Sky blue varnish
  • Phosphorescent green varnish
  • Yellow varnish
  • Pink varnish
  • Red varnish
  • Dotter or wooden stick


  1. first paint all your nails with black varnish, make sure not to use much varnish so that it is not very heavy and take long to dry. >>
  2. expect the paint to dry completely, this is the most tedious of painted nails, but if not you wait you won’t get the effect you want.
  3. once the black base is completely dry, choose one of the other colours varnishes and carefully used the dotter or stick to paint three or four dots of each color.
  4. the number of points will depend on what so full like that a is and the longer you have them.
  5. take your time, this design can bring it up to two weeks, so it is important that you like the end result.
  6. remember that colors may vary, but the ideal is to be shades that contrast each other so much more call attention and stand out.