MyXperia Could Be The Next System of Storage in The Cloud for Sony Smartphones

Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, iCloud … many are the cloud storage services that we have available today, and many are manufacturers aiming to expand the capabilities of their terminals offering subscriptions or free space as Samsung has done with its Galaxy SIII. Now, it seems that it is Sony, who works at a similar service for its Xperia.

“Upload, storage, retrieval, transmission and delivery of digital content and media,”, as well as Sony defines the MyXperia service that just registered, letting in the light that it is a service dedicated to store and distribute digital content from the internet.

The new MyXperia service would arrive to add more value to the great work of the Japanese with its range of smartphones, which has grown exponentially this 2012 to return to Sony at the forefront of the smart phone market.

Do not know if it will be just one more online storage system, or if it will try to innovate by merging other services such as Music or Video Unlimited, and even Playstation Store company, which would no doubt be a new attraction for future Xperia, and a breath of fresh air to an already beaten market for similar solutions.