MySMS: Text Messages in The Cloud at a Low Cost

Many of us use daily tools of instant communication oriented mobile devices like Whatsapp. Applications that are no doubt very useful but need our contacts to use them also. However there is always some other friend which, for various reasons, don’t use them and have that use the SMS If I want to contact them quickly.

If this is the case, or we simply send many SMS, MySMS It is a messaging app quite useful that allows us to send cheap SMS)8 cents message) or free if your contacts use this application.

One of the virtues of MySMS compared to other similar applications is the possibility that offers of use the service on any device and operating system. Whether it’s a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer we can use MySMS to send SMS either free messages to our friends.

All messages are stored in a history of the cloud. A cloud that, therefore announces the web, has more security than other applications like Whatsapp. Something that possibly many value as something to keep in mind.

The Android application is quite simple and has a well done interface. The only downside is perhaps the computers than being too skinny and minimalist Freckle web app.

To download the app from the Android Market We will receive free 10 SMS, hook, attractive enough to at least give you a chance. In any case, as with its own protocol messaging application, beyond that works well, it will depend on like the rest of options from our network of contacts and are encouraged to use the.