MyGloss Gifts

Ehhh people … now there’s no escape, came the weekend of the run! The shift is on and we’re still in legs in search of suggestions of gifts for our dear readers-and indecisive, even didn’t buy the souvenirs. Ouch ouch … every year is that neh … we have to keep the tradition of good Brazilians who leave everything to the last minute! What fun is not to feel those butterflies inside, nervous skin deep, nail-biting, plucking the hair? Hahahahahaha!

But wait, you don’t need create calluses on feet walking around looking at the shop windows, in and out of the stores. We have several tips to present here on the blog, to please men and women of all ages and styles, and today we’re here to bring you a super shot for anyone who is looking for a little something sweet with nice price as well, to please a friend, girlfriend, wife, or sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, anyway the women in the family. We went to the store MyGloss and broke up several suggestions for accessories and kits for gift giving this holiday season, there are many fofurices to make the happiness of any fashionista!