My Pregnancy

This week’s very special, I’m very happy because I did the amnio of 20 weeks and all is well with our little, to be called Manuela, the Manu! And so she will be quoted here on the b-log from now on!

This always causes a certain anxiety, even more for those who already had a son, and you know your importance.

Today I completed 21 weeks and I can say that I am infinitely better and better prepared than in the first quarter. This phase of pregnancy without doubt is the best in this regard. Despite this, start the back pain, and I already have numerous back problems, I had to face a terrible crisis of a few weeks cervical without one! Fought ugly, it was horrible, even more with another daughter in full swing and I unable to run, duck, cuddle. The only alternative for me, and released by the obstetrician, was a cortisone injection to ease a little. But even so, there were 5 days a lot of pain.

Other than that I’m a little less swollen in pregnancy of Bruna, because at that stage I was already with face and super swollen feet, let’s see if this time it won’t expand as much. I’ve won 5kgs but I confess that I’m not caring as much as in another pregnancy because it doesn’t leave much time for anything.

With regard to preparations, everything gradually. I bought some clothes that were missing and now my mother is ending the little project so I can budget it and order the furniture.

The second pregnancy goes faster, you barely have time to think. I have to divide between work, home, husband, daughter, and the b-log. But what is most difficult are the weekends we stayed in function of Bruna, which increasingly, is in full swing. For not only wants to run, for everything in the mouth, knock down everything, climbing on everything … and with my growing belly, I no longer have this whole Pike.

Well, got some little pictures of this week, the same cell,! Because it gives time to get right.

It all pays off, because the sensation of the first kicks and your daughter moving inside you, there’s nothing like it! For me, it’s one of the best sensations a woman can live!