My Passion For The Snowboard

Hola a tod@s!

My name is Iani and I have 27 years. Soy de Bilbao although a few years ago I moved to Granada, to a tiny village very close to Sierra Nevada.

I practice various sports such as horse riding, hiking and paddle, but my passion is the snowboard.

My brothers I started in this sport pretty girl and already more than 10 years ago that I practice. The first few times I was hard since exercise of arise again and again in places with considerable altitude and cold is not very nice. But little by little I was hooking this sport as he was noticing my advances as confidence when it comes to descend by any track, attempting jumps and tricks, which I think is very funny, the views of the snow-covered landscapes that can be seen from different points of the mountains… In the end, for me, this sport is very good for exercise happening you great and always protected and with care.

There are several modes in snowboarding, which will now discuss it, and at first I just went down tracks. But a few years ago began to call me freestyle attention, in fact, my table is freestyle. This mode is the most fun for my taste since it includes tricks of flooring, jumps, boxes, etc, in addition to the downhill track.

I practice this sport as a hobby, whenever I can, being snow only we have chance to do it for a few months a year and my me falls short the season…

I want to take my participation on the blog for everyone to enjoy and love you this sport so much as I. In addition you’ll see basic knowledge when choosing a table (what is the ideal height, which foot should carry forward, what type of fabric can go me better depending on the modality that we practice…), well how to care for a table during the off-season, and snow tricks to fix the table, how to start in this sport (all the necessary material for a day of snowboarding and getting started to descend a track) , the importance of safety in the practice of this sport, seasons, ski news,…