My Living Room Cries Alexander Wang Furniture

I love Alexander Wang. I am very fan of him, from his signature, his collections and Wonderland that creates within the universe Balenciaga. It has I conquered the hearts and I’m not going to deny that feeling increased after seeing their latest foray in the world of decoration. And is that the designer has allied himself with the signature of Poltrona Frau furniture to design a mini collection that leaves us with very good taste.

In total two black armchairs (one in leather and velvet) and a mini bar box that can be in the middle of the living room without disturbing (your basic design makes it a snap top, top, top). The prices? As you can imagine are not affordable furniture: armchairs have a price that haunt the 7,765 euros, the bar is more exclusive and 16.324 euros.

While the collection will be released in February in the United States, the rest of the world should wait for the month of April. What you think about the end result?

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